onemoredayDay 99: 45 minutes walking on the treadmill. Absolutely amazing that I’ve been able to stay healthy enough to keep at it.

This is the best I’ve done in several years. I’m pleased that I’ve been consistent and persistent.

Now, on to 100!



WE DID IT! We’ll, at least some of you did it. I came close. 98 out of 100 days. Pretty sure that’s an “A” in any case.

It’s really been great to have to support – and maybe even pressure – to stay with the program. I can think of many days that I would have skipped if not for all of you.

I’m probably going to take tomorrow off, just so I don’t start obsessing about going all year long, but, maybe not.

A big THANK YOU to everyone. Keep at it, and we’ll see you next January.



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