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John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield
John Bingham, aka "the Penguin," is a best- selling author ("No Need for Speed," "The Courage to Start"), Runner's World columnist and bon vivant.

Jenny Hadfield, co-author of "Marathoning for Mortals," is an accomplished adventure racer, coach and a fitness expert who has trained thousands of athletes.
John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield

Stereo, 74 minutes

Run for Fun Filled with the Penguin's trademark inspirational humor and Coach Jenny's detailed training advice, "Run for Fun" is the perfect "resolution" solution for those who would like to start getting in better shape NOW. Highly entertaining and educational, "Run for Fun" has something for everyone — sure to please absolute beginners as well as offering great tips for more experienced runners.

Topics Include:

   dot Specific training programs geared to all fitness levels
   dot Building your life around a "circle of success"
   dot Having fun while running...and walking!
   dot picking running shoes
   dot proper stretching exercises
   dot Eating right for performance and weight loss
   dot Invaluable ideas for improving your running experience


   dot Tips on choosing the right clothing
   dot John's "first time"

Also, you'll hear John's own hilarious and inspiring story, learn why he is nicknamed "the Penguin" and why he should have been a stand-up comedian!

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"Run for Fun" Overview
Praise for "Run for Fun"

Training Programs (PDF):

   dot Walk
   dot Walk-Run
   dot Run-Walk
   dot Run

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Run for Fun