week5Welcome to Week 5. Amazing, isn’t it? For many of us the idea of getting through one week seemed impossible, and yet, here we are getting ready to start the week that will take us into our second month.

So what does this mean? For some of us it means a lot. It means, maybe for the first time, we’ve actually stuck with an activity program for more than just a few days or weeks. We’re into it now.

For some of us, myself included, it’s a way to try to rediscover the joy of simple movement and the satisfaction of discipline. “Getting it done”, in whatever fashion makes us feel good, and not just physically.

If you’re still with us, good for you. If you’ve stumbled a little, give yourself a break and keep going. If, for some reason, you gave up then start again. And keep starting again until you can’t stop.

Day 29: 3.1 mile walk in a little over an hour. Would have been faster but we took LOTS of photos.

Days 30-38: I was working the 2016 Caribbean Running Cruise and didn’t really have internet access.

Day 39: Day 39: 45 minutes on treadmill. 10 minutes on bike trainer. REALLY felt good to be back into something like a rhythm.

Day 40: 45 minutes on treadmill. 15 minutes pushing snow. Somehow I came back from the Caribbean with a cold. Go figure

Day 41: Sick day, but still managed an easy 30 minutes.

Day 42. 45 minutes walking on treadmill. 10 minutes on stationary bike. Still not feeling 100 percent, but I needed to move.

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