Week-7What does it mean to be in Week 7. It means we’ve only got one more uphill week before we start downhill from Day 50 to Day 100. So, if this week feels more difficult to you, it probably is.

I’m doing better this year than I have in recent years. Not doing an 18 day trip to Antarctica certainly helped. I’ve been able to be much more consistent in my training.

It’s also helped that I got a new bicycle and fancy trainer. Here in Chicago winter means months on the treadmill, and even I get tired feeling like a gerbil in a wheel.

So, on we go.

Day 43: 45 minute walk on treadmill. 15 minutes on bike trainer. The goal is to get to a 30/30 treadmill/trainer mix.

Day 44: Easy day. 45 minutes walking on treadmill. Got to make sure not to do too much.

Day 45: 45 minutes walking on treadmill, 15 minutes on bike trainer. Little bit of a push on the bike. Felt good.

Day 46. 45 minutes walking on treadmill. 10 minutes on bicycle trainer. Had to shorten the bike workout. Legs a bit tired.

Day 47: Very busy day. Still got in 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Without this challenge, I would have said I was too busy.

Day 48: 45 minutes walking on treadmill. 10 minutes on bike trainer. Looks like an early spring weekend. Maybe I’ll be about walk or ride outdoors on Friday or Saturday.

Day 49: 45 minutes walking on treadmill. Didn’t have the motivation today, so glad to just get it done.

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