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The Olympian Inside You

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I’ve never competed in the Olympic Games. I’ve never even been to the Olympic Games. I’ve never competed in any event that had national or international significance. I probably am, as my Team in Training colleagues say, the most famous runner who has never won a race. I have led a few races. Once I was leading until about 100 yards from the finish line when I had to pull off. That’s because I was driving the lead vehicle.  That’s not to say that I haven’t experienced the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. I have. It’s just…

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Shoe Suede Blues

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I’ve admitted this before in this column. But, I suppose if confession is good for the soul, repeating the confession can’t hurt. I’m crazy about running shoes. I like to look at them, read about them, try them on, and buy them. And I’d be more worried if I didn’t know so many runners who were the same way. Have you ever been with another runner when they opened the trunk of their car?? BUSTED. Old shoes, old socks and shorts. Maybe a towel and a t-shirt with sweat that’s 4 years old. But… shoes for sure. Dirty shoes. Worn…

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Make 2020 the Year

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No one, especially me, wants to think about anything except the Holidays right now. I’m away visiting with family, I’ll take a few days to enjoy old hobbies and explore some new ones, and I absolutely want to enjoy every minute of the season. So, this is NOT a call to action. This is a call to celebration. I do want to take a minute to explain the 100 Days Challenge, to tell you what we’ve done, to tell you want we’re gonna do, and to tell what’s a little different for 2020. The 100 Days Challenge is pretty simple,…

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The Art of Play

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Those of us growing up in the 1950s had one big advantage over today’s kids. No, we didn’t have PlayStation or GameCube. There were no MP3 players, no iPods, no cell phones. No cable – we didn’t even have color TV. But we did have summer vacations. Not the overprogrammed kind, but long, lazy days filled with hope and promise unencumbered by adult organization. Whatever fun we had came from our own imaginations. The day started when a friend stood outside your house and called your name. The closest you came to planning was looking to see if he had…

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Rules of the Road

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2020 There aren’t a LOT of rules with the 2020 Penguin’s 100 Days Challenge. The goal is to move intentionally for 30 minutes EVERY day for 100 Days. FAQ:  What can I do? Anything thing that makes you move. Walk, run, cycle, vacuum, Zumba, Wii, it doesn’t matter. Park your car 5 minutes from your door at work, or at the mall. What DOES matter is that you make the decision to be ACTIVE. Do I have to do all 30 minutes at one time? NO! All of our lives are different. All of our lives are busy. But, all of…

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An Afternoon with Larry

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The long road back starts with a single step. I’ll call him Larry to spare him any embarrassment. Those who know who he is – know. Those who don’t need only know this: in his prime, he ran a marathon in 2:48. That was many years ago and nearly 200 pounds ago. And yet, there we were, on a marathon course, making our way to the finish line. A year earlier, a mutual friend threw down the gauntlet and asked Larry to confront his weight, which had reached an alarming 330 pounds or more. I promised Larry that if he…

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