There aren’t a LOT of rules with the 2022 Penguin’s 100 Days Challenge. The goal is to move intentionally for 30 minutes EVERY day for 100 Days.


What can I do? Anything thing that makes you move. Walk, run, cycle, vacuum, Zumba, Wii, it doesn’t matter. Park your car 5 minutes from your door at work, or at the mall. What DOES matter is that you make the decision to be ACTIVE.

Do I have to do all 30 minutes at one time? NO! All of our lives are different. All of our lives are busy. But, all of us can be active for 30 minutes every day of we make it a priority.

If you can find a way to include 30 minutes of intentional activity every day, that’s good. Some days, or maybe every day, you’ll need to break it into 3, 15 minute sessions, or 3 10 minute sessions. That’s OK too.

There may ALSO be days that are SO busy that the BEST you can do is to move 5 minutes at a time. On those days, move 5 minutes, 6 times. DON’T tell yourself that you’re TOO busy to move.

What happens if I miss a day? Keep going! Don’t stop just because you missed a day. The goal is to move intentionally for 100 days. Let’s say you ONLY move 90 days. That’s FANTASTIC!

Where do I report my progress? Please “Like” the 100 Days Challenge Page on Facebook.

How can I keep track of my days? Click Here to get the PDF of the 100 Days shoe.

Anything else I need to know?  Yes. This is FUN. No stress. It’s not a training program. It’s not a diet and exercise program. It’s a way of thinking about activity, about making activity a normal part of your life, and sharing that joy.

And if you need some extra motivation, go to The Penguin Chronicles Archive.

Waddle on…


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